So......... I came onto this thinking I would find people I can relate to and talk with and share advice with, help each other out into getting to the weight and look we want. I thought doing that would help everyone out. But instead, I come on here and people only post about how horrible they feel and that they can never get to where they will feel happy and that no one will listen and help them. Well why don't we do the opposite, cuz I need some help and support too. If this doesn't change, I'm out. I tried to chat with some of you guys, and you don't answer back, Some supportive blog this is.....
reblog if a boy has ever called you ugly or fat.

There’s always one…..

Reblog if you are always willing to help a follower in need. No matter who it is. Anyone can just message you.

I wish people helped me with questions I had, not one person has answered a question of mine. What kind of blog is this if you don’t get any support? 

Hey anyone tell me what sports bra helps you look really flat, but with thin shoulder straps, so you can still wear low cut shirts?
lose a pound a day?
How many calories to lose a pound a day?

I get all motivated when I go to bed saying to myself, I’m only gonna eat this much and be one pound less by the end of tomorrow!!!!  But of course, the next day comes and I screw up and feel all depressed that I start wishing I could start the day over again.  A month has gone by, and I feel like I gained ten more pounds.  I need help to stay motivated and on track to get to my goal weight before August.  Someone please help me out!!!